This Is Before We Disappear From View at MUMA

TIB04b Sonia Leber David Chesworth TIBWDFV 598x399 w100

This Is Before We Disappear From View exists significantly in the realm of the imaginary. A robotic voice delivers instructions, admonishments and encouragements. Synthesized and genderless, it is both overlord and oracle. The work provides a mirror on the philosophies of discipline and control, and ways in which these philosophies can be subverted. 

Borders, Barriers, Walls
30 April - 2 July 2016
Monash University Museum of Art
Caulfield Campus, Melbourne
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One from Mosta, Two from Żabbar shortlisted for 64th Blake Prize

Leber and Chesworth's video made in Melbourne's Maltese community has been shortlisted for the 64th Blake Prize.

Part singing, part public argument and part public confession, the song form of ‘Spirtu Pront’ emanates from working class bars in Malta. Improvised and often inflammatory grievances are publicly aired in a highly disciplined mode of practice, with strict stylistic and social rules. 

The argument and counterargument can be quite personal and local, however the form also suggests wider honour codes. In this anachronistic form, ritualised argument can be seen as a positive social platform for the resolution of conflict. 

Leber Chesworth One From Mosta 4998 600px

64th Blake Prize Finalist Exhibition 
13 February to 21 April 2016
Casula Powerhouse, Liverpool, Sydney
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Zaum Tractor at 56th Biennale of Venice: All the World's Futures

01 Leber Chesworth Zaum Tractor 9059 1350x900 w70

Zaum Tractor is a 2-screen video work filmed throughout Southern Russia as part of the artists’ 3-month residency in Rostov-on-Don. Zaum Tractor addresses notions of freedom and collectivity - contradictory forces within contemporary Russia - sweeping past tractor races, church bells, river barges and the ceremonies of modern-day cossacks.

Throughout, a series of individuals perform zaum, the experimental performance poetry of the Russian Futurists that avoids fixed meanings to reveal the pure sound and wild rhythms of language. One hundred years after its invention, zaum is performed here in front of symbolic Constructivist Soviet architecture, presenting a clash between past and present, the rational and the transrational.

56th Biennale of Venice: All the World's Futures
9 May - 22 November 2015
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We Are Printers Too wins 2014 Gold Coast Art Prize

'Communications technology shapes our world but the artists’ video of an abandoned newspaper building shows how far and fast technology moves…In trashed offices and workshops, the artists discover all manner of redundant communication technologies: rotary dial telephones, Morse code devices, Linotype machines, ticker tapes. They show that the urgency of communication has shaped innovation, economics and social experience for almost two centuries... In the end, the work isn’t just an elegy for the printing press; it’s a reminder that communication is our life blood.' - Judge, Dr Chris McAuliffe

WAPT02 Leber Chesworth We Are Printers Too 6693 598x399 w100
2014 Gold Coast Art Prize
6 December 2014 to 8 February 2015
Gold Coast City Gallery
Queensland Australia
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